Do you like to dance to a joyful tune,
Like an old country dance in the month of June?
Where you clap your hands and you holler and you skip,
And you twirl with a girl in a billowy slip?

Or, perhaps, you would like to be dancing more slowly,
While violins and cellos are hauntingly played.
You glide with the vibrantly soft music; only
You dance with each step being carefully weighed.

Or then, in the mad cap pace of the day,
You like to dance in a carefree way.
You twist and you hover and you shimmer and you shake
While the syncopated music keeps the mind awake.

Or maybe you don't mind when the dance is done,
And the horns are muted with the rapidly packed drum,
And the hall grows silent when they all go home.
But, as for me, I tell you truly, it was awsome!