I was always intrigued with the vivid images in Revelation. I first became acquainted with Revelation when I was nineteen when I joined the Air Force in 1950. I was issued a small pocket edition of the New Testament, and I whiled away my spare moments reading it. That interest remained with me all my life. Thirty years later in 1980, after hearing of many different and contradictory interpretations of Revelation, I decided to read as many interpretations as I could find and study the history of the times when Revelation was written to see if I could make some sense of it. I thought I came up with a pretty good understanding of it, so I began writing a book about it.

My book was ready for publication in 2002, and I published it through Xlibris Book Publishing Co. I hoped I was contributing something new to this fascinating era of religion and history. I then tried marketing the book myself. I had no idea how difficult and costly this would be, and I got nowhere with my book. In 2008, I rewrote my book and publised that version trough iUniverse Publishers. I also paid about a dozen professional book reviewers to review my book. They all posted positive reviews on my books, but here I am eight years later with practically no sales of my book and frustrated.

To increase my visibility to the book-reading public I began writing and posting book reviews on The Internet. I began writing standard book reviews like other writers were doing, but as I continued to read books, I realized that I did not agree with many authors in what ideas they were presenting in their books. I then got more critical in my reviews, trying to offset ideas that I thought were mistakes in the author's minds. Eventually I began seeking out books written from a mindset I knew I would not agreed with. You would think that my book reviews would attract some attention to my own book by then, but here I am, 85 years old, and haven't gotten anywhere with my writing career. Altogether, I wrote about 100 book reviews that I thought were pretty good, but I fear I will probably wind up with nothing to show for all my efforts as a writer. So, before everything falls apart, and I have to just give up my career as a writer, I thought I would try my hand at publishing seventy of my best book reviews through Amazon Kindle Publishing.

I published My Career as a Book Reviewer Defending the Faith, an e-book on Amazon Kindle that includes 70 of what I think are my finest book reviews for everyone to view including:
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
Why Evolution is True by Jerry A. Coyne Ph.D.
Cosmos by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan
Cosmis War by Reza Aslan The Zealot by Reza Aslan
These reviews criticize trends in our culture that conflict with the Christian outlook I have on life. If you are saddened about what our culture is doing to refute America's Christian heritage, you might fine some of my book revierws interesting. I wonder, after I finally leave this life, how satisfied will I be that I wrote all this stuff. Probably I will be satisfied. I think it is better to try to write something positive than to just remain silent.

Hope you like my book My Career as a Book Reviewer Defending the Faith (ASIN: B01F43ZUCA). It is available on Kindle Direct Publishing both as an e-book and as a paperback (ASIN 1520779585)

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