I have been following the arguments for evolution and intelligent design for most of my life, especially for direct creation by God. I was amazed by the contradictory arguments presented by every side on this controversy. It was very confusing to me because I was taught creation in my youth, and I learned evolution in college, and in my mature years, I had become very impressed with science and with the gifted and well-educated men I admired in science. For me, it was not easy to resolve this dilemma. I wound up debating it in my mind point by point. As I tried to resolve this problem, I started posting my thoughts on The Internet. This went on for about twelve years. Finally, I think I have come to a resolution of this problem and decided that creation makes the most sense. I had to rethink everything I learned in my youth. Now that I think I have resolved this problem, I decided to put some of my thoughts into a book. Perhaps they might help others who are wrestling with this controversy.

This book contains 133 short articles on how I resolved deciding what makes the most sense to me. They are not organized in any special order. They are just randomly arranged, starting with the earliest ones I posted on The Internet and finishing with the last ones I posted. I chose for the cover of my book a photo I took of a gorilla at The Cleveland Zoo. I was always fascinated with gorillas because they look so human when you stare at them, but it is obvious they are not human. They don't display that cognitive countenance humans do when you stare at humans. Try staring at a gorilla yourself and you will see what I mean. And gorillas do not grow smarter with the passing years as humans do. Gorillas have been pretty much the same for as long as the species have been on Earth (much longer that humans have been on Earth), but humans have become much more capable, even during the eighty-five years I have been on Earth. When you compare the accomplishments of humans with gorillas or any animal, it is perfectly obvious that there is a spectacular difference between humans and all other animals. I am fond of gorillas. God conferred on them a different nature than he conferred on me, but God caused me to "evolve," if you insist on using that term, from animal nature just like he caused all animals to "evolve" from the same natural elements the entire universe is comprised of.

Hope you like my book Questioning Evolution as an e-book on Amazon Kindle (ASIN: B01LZYNRRL) and also as a paperback (ASIN: 1520862474).

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